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Allics offers the Electronic and Photonics Co-Design Services !

Allics Technology LLC is world-leading to create new technologies as well as innovation, the fabless semiconductor company, that provides not only a state-of-the-art of high performance custom Analog, mixed-signal, RF, mm-Wave, Terahertz circuits and Silicon photonics integration of the leading edge IC & Photonics design, physical implementation and verification and ASIC/SOC professional IC & PIC design services, research and developement, but also create the groundbreaking innovations in the Electronic-Photonic Co-Design new technologies and products that enable us to offer a broad portfolio of market-oriented and silicon-proven intellectual property(IP).

Our mission is improve energy efficiency at highest performance into fully CMOS-compatible silicon-based Photonics into mainstream electronic designs, this technology of generating, controlling, and detecting light. This is particularly true for terahertz communications hardware, where bandwidth demands are so great that only photonic ICs (PICs) offer a viable solution. Other key application areas include datacenters, antenna and RF systems, bio-photonics, millimeter wave imaging and environmental sensing systems and bringing breakthrough improvements in performance, low cost and energy efficiency to commercializing products. Due to traditional electronics chips continue to require significant advances in scaling has shifted into a regime where most of the device parameters do significantly improve with miniaturization, realizing these circuit advances has become increasingly difficult to achieve. Thus, driven by the over-arching themes of energy-efficiency and robustness in the face of variability, our goal is to provide and demonstrate our leading edge circuit and Silicon photonics integration technologies to tackle these challenges in some of the most advanced processes available (including 45, 32, 28, 20, 14 and 7nm) to ensure best-in-class performance at the lowest power across its broader product portfolio.

Our professional chips design services offer integration circuit(IC), Silicon-based Photonic integration circuit (PIC) and world-leading research development are dedicated to helping you get the most from our expertise and achieve a first-pass silicon success within time to market. It's a responsibility we take seriously. Your project can be big or small, stand-alone or have multiple partners, our expertise comes without question. Our primary goal is to providing new technologies as well as innovation services applicable to both products and services for our customers with advanced methods to ensure first-pass silicon success without the risk.

Key adavange of Allics Technology is ultimate solution for belowing:

Improved performance, power and silicon area

  • Winning all benchmarks against internal & competitive approaches continually

Highly scalable to support a wide range of performance and complexity levels

  • Easy-to-use solution for simple designs with a handful of IPs to complex SoCs with hundreds of IPs

Shortened development times with the advanced tool suite, architecture features, cutting edge design expertise and first-pass silicon methodologies

  • Providing certainty in tape out schedule by allowing faster and easier timing closure

Company Philosophy

The writer and literary critic Chinua Achebe wrote about integrity:

One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.

His words perfectly capture our philosophy: integrity of innovations, engineering passion and pursuit of perfection, staying true to our vision and refusing to give in to expedience and compromise. At Allics, we believe passionately in this and we always try to innovate continuously and engage in the pursuit of perfection in next-generation technologies.

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