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High-Performance Custom Analog Integrated Circuit Design Services :

I/O drivers:Serdes (upto 10Tbps), Optical I/O, MIPI, ESD, I2C, I3C etc. PMIC: Charge-pump, LDOs, DC-DC,AC-DC & Power for 5G, Wireless Power, &GaN Converters. Energy-Efficient: Nanopower CMOS sub-bandgap reference for battery powered systems, USB-PD. High-Speed Gigahertz and Energy-Efficient DAC, ADCs Design with Ultra-High-Speed RFDAC, low-power and high-performance ADCs for Next-Generation Wireless Communication. Hybrid ADCs, Hybrid PLL, Smart Sensors (IoT), and Sub-1V & Advanced Node Analog Circuit Designs for sensor interfaces, Human Interaction & Health.

Process : Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, DMOS, BCD, SiGe and GaN.

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