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Layout with EAD and P & R Services:

Allics offers layout with Electrically Aware Design flow and RTL-to-GDSII with place & route tools (INNOVUS and ICC2):

Layout EAD: common centroid and Inter-digitization techniques for analog circuits at smallest size without compromising performance. Place & Route: at 65/40/32/28/20/16/14/7nm, Library Preparation, UPF, MV, MVt, MCMM, AOCV. Allics provides a production-proven methodology for advanced process tape-out with in-design signoff extraction(3D), timing(PT-SI), power(PNA), thermal Analysis, signal Integrity(SI), Litho, CMP, IRdrop, MVsim, MVRC, DFM, Tempus, Voltus IC, DRC, ANT and LVS across entire chip.

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