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Why choose us ?

High Reliability Quality and On Schedule:

Add guard rings, decopings and shieldings to prevent latch ups and noises.

Add antenna rules, power bus and signals by foundry current density limits.

Check soft-tie connection, metal slot, metal density and mask grid for layouts.

Run the DRC, LVS, and DFM layout optimization for high process yield.

Use project and six Sigma management skills to guarantee each tapeout on schedule.

Information Security:

Information security has been given a very highest priority by Allics.

Offer a non disclosure agreement (NDA) with the customers, respect and protect all customer's IPs.

All databases for contract layout services will be protected by 256 bits encrytion for all directories within computers.

Every project will have its own coded name. It allows for a better ‘tracebility’.

All files that are transferred will be encrypted with secure password.

After project completion, the database will kept for a certain period on backup purposes. However, if the customer request, it would be deleted immediately.

Foundries of your choice:

Prove mainstream foundries: TSMC, UMC, SMIC, Chartered, IMEC and AIM etc. Offer your special foundry and process for project as your choice.

Offer special process technology for project as your choice. Please contact us for more details.

First-time-past Silicon Success:

With our high reliability quality control, project and six Sigma management skills to guarantee all tapeouts.

Guarantee smallest die size for all chips by using custom layout and parameterized cells to ensure the smallest space.

Project status updates are provided and detailed design reviews are given to the customer each stages until completion.

The quality and richness of engineering design team provide best design methodologies to achiving first-pass silicon success.

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