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Plastic and Hermetic.

Package Name Number of pins Type
COG 37967-pins and 43671-pins  
FBGA 49-pins, 60-pins, 64-pins, 100-pins,and 128-pins
ISOLATED TO220 11-pins and 15-pins
LAMINATE CSP 28-pins, and 48-pins
LAMINATE UCSP 20-pins, 24-pins
LBGA 160-pins, and 196-pins
LLP 6-pins, 8-pins, 10-pins, 12-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins, 20-pins, 24-pins, 28-pins, 32-pins, 36-pins, 40-pins, 44-pins, 48-pins, 54-pins, 56-pins, 60-pins, 64-pins, 68-pins
LLP COL 6-pins
LQFP 32-pins,44-pins, 48-pins, 64-pins, 80-pins, 128-pins, 144-pins
LQFP EXP PAD 48-pins, 128-pins
LTCC 70-pins Type
MDIP 8-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins, 18-pins, 20-pins, 24-pins, 28-pins, 40-pins
MICRO SMD 4-pins, 5-pins, 6-pins, 8-pins, 9-pins, 10-pins, 12-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins, 18-pins, 20-pins, 24-pins, 25-pins, 30-pins, 36-pins, 42-pins  
MICRO SMDXT 36-pins, 42-pins, 49-pins  
MICRO-ARRAY 25-pins, 36-pins, 49-pins
MINI SOIC 8-pins, 10-pins
MINI SOIC EXP PAD 8-pins, 10-pins
PLCC 20-pins, 28-pins, 44-pins, and 68-pins
POS 8-pins
PQFP 44-pins, 80-pins, 128-pins
PSOP 8-pins
SC-70 5-pins, 6-pins
SOIC NARROW 8-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins
SOIC WIDE 14-pins, 16-pins, 20-pins, 24-pins, 28-pins
SOT-223 4-pins, and 5-pins
SOT-23 3-pins, 5-pins and 6-pins
SSOP 16-pins, 48-pins
SSOP-EIAJ 28-pins
TEPBGA 292-pins
TO-220 3-pins, 5-pins, 7-pins, 9-pins, 11-pins, 15-pins, 27-pins
TO-247 SINGLE GAUGE 15-pins
TO-252 3-pins
TO-263 3-pins, 5-pins, 7-pins, 9-pins
TO-263 THIN 5-pins, 7-pins
TO-92 3-pins
TO-PMOD 7-pins  
TQFP 48-pins, 64-pins, 80-pins, 100-pins, 128-pins
TQFP EXP PAD 64-pins, 100-pins
TSOT 6-pins
TSSOP 14-pins, 16-pins, 20-pins,24-pins, 28-pins, 48-pins,56-pins
TSSOP EXP PAD 10-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins, 20-pins, 28-pins, 64-pins
UFBGA 49-pins
Package Name Number of pins Type
CCGA 376-pins  
CERDIP 8-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins
CERPACK 10-pins, 14-pins, 16-pins, 20-pins
CQFP 48-pins
CQGP 128-pins
LCC 20-pins
SIDEBRAZE 14-pins, 28-pins  
TO-100 10-pins
TO-39 3-pins  
TO-46 2-pins, 3-pins
TO-5 8-pins  
TO-99 6-pins, 8-pins


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