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Custom Analog Design Services

Allics offers expertise in custom analog IC design includes:

I/O drivers:Serdes(upto 10Tbps), Optical I/O,MIPI,ESD,I2C, I3C etc.

Voltage Regulators:Charge-pump,linear,PWM, low voltage dropout

Power Supplies: DC to DC, AC to DC, power amp, Ultra Low voltage power analog design for battery powered systems.

D/A Converters: current out, voltage out and 24bits DAC.

A/D Converters: Flash,Sigma-Delta,SAC,Pipeline ADC & Ghz ADC.

SwitchedCapacitor(SC),SwitchedCurrent(SI),OSC,DLL,PLL & CDR.

Specialized Analog:HighSpeed Circuits Beyond 100 GHz & MEMS.

Process : CMOS, BiCMOS, DMOS, MOSFET, SiGe and Bipolar.

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