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Professional IC&PIC Design Services
Our best-in-class engineering team possesses extensive hands-on expertise in the entire IC & PIC design cycle - from product definition through design, layout, evaluation, and release to production. The engineers employed by Allics Technology are professional individuals with a depth of experience and are recognized for their expertise in a broad range of applications. As a result, Allics offers not only custom analog, complex mixed signal, high performance & Precision, ultra low-power, RFIC and microwave circuit design, but also offers all aspects of complex & custom ASIC design services and System-On-Chip (SOC) design services from concept to silicon, which Silicon-based Photonic Integration (PIC), integrated embedded memory, high-performance logic, embedded Microprocessor, signal processing circuits, analog, mixed signal and RFIC on the same chip at a deep sub-micron design(180nm through 7nm) without the risk.

Allics also provides a variety of solutions and silicon proven Intellectual Properties (IPs) for the most widely applications. Please Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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