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Allics Advanced EDA Tools

Allics uses advanced EDA tools from mainstream vendors:

Custom Analog: Analog Artist, Spectre, VerilogA, AMS and HSpice.

Digital: Synoposys, Verilog, VHDL, AMS, Formality and Primetime.

Mixed Signal: AMS, Matlab, SystemC, SystemVerilog and VCS .

Model: Raphael, Matlab, VerilogA, LIBERATE and Synopsys TCAD.

RFIC: Spectre RF, Keysight ADS and GoldenGate.

Microwave: Ansoft, CST, Keysight ADS,Goldgate&Microwave Office.

ASIC/SOC: IC Compiler, IC CompilerII, SOCV, EDI and INNOVUS.

Physical Verification:Assura,STAR-RC,PVS,RedHawk,ICV & Calibre.

With advanced EDA tools,Engineers will achieve First-Silicon Success.
Reduces risk,Boosts productivity,Speeds ramp to volume,Increases yield
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