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Display Technology

Markets for small and medium form factor flat panel displays are rapidly expanding. Much of the short-term growth is being fueled by continuing expansion in the mobile handset segment. As improving display technologies provide larger screens, richer colors, sharper contrast and higher refresh rates, consumers are continuing to trade in their current handsets for the latest/greatest models. Second to mobile handsets, MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable game and video players and automotive entertainment and navigation displays are all contributing to the overall growth of this market. In addition to the growth in end-use applications, a technology transition is underway in which older display technologies such as MTN-LCD and CTN-LCD are giving way to TFT-LCD and OLED. As a result of this shift, Allics focus on both TFT-LCD and OLED line drive products and touch screen controllers.

Allics offers design, development and system solutions that enable a wide range of display applications such as mobile phones, portable devices, LCD TVs, consumer electronic products, industrial appliances and lighting. Those IPs already available in several foundries and quickly ported to new process technology. Please contact our engineering design team to support your projects approach.

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