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I/O Accelerators Technology

Wireline networking, wireless infrastructure, mobile entertainment, PCs and servers have an increasing need for accelerated I/O throughput for optimal performance—especially in high-performance and mission critical server environments. I/O technology and accelerators from Allics allow these systems to transfer data faster, reduce communication bottlenecks, and improve overall system performance. Get high-bandwidth and low-latency accelerated performance for demanding applications.


Our standards-based IP product line consists of Universal Serial Bus (USB), PCI-Express, SATA, HDMI and IEEE-1394a PHY macros. Already available in several foundries and quickly ported to new process nodes. Our technology optimizes testability, power and area, making our products ideal for high performance communications, PC, mass storage, optical and server applications.

RF Integrated Circuit Design

  • Very good knowledge of the design requirements for RF-circuit components and ASICs offering outstanding performance (linearity and noise) up to 200 GHz
  • Outstanding knowledge in the field of complex modulators (IQ modulators)
  • Experience in CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, GaAs MESFET and HEMT technologies
  • Proficiency in the use of design tools for circuit design, RF layout extraction, 2.5D and 3D simulation
  • Expertise in design practice and methodologies for 60-GHz circuits implemented in SiGe HBT technology
  • Expertise in low-power RF circuit engineering
  • Familiarity with the architectures and algorithms utilized in extremely low-power RF and wakeup receivers and their applications

Multi-Terabits and Gigabits Data Transmission

  • In-depth knowledge of the necessary circuit architectures and components, including variable gain amplifiers (VGA), clock and data recovery circuits, VCOs, PLLs, FIR filters, decision feedback equalizers, line drivers, etc.
  • Expertise in ensuring compatibility with EMC and ESD requirements for circuits implemented in deep-submicron CMOS technologies
  • Knowledge of the algorithms used in adaptive equalization processes
  • High-speed digital circuit design
  • Knowledge of the specific features of different transmission media such as twisted-pair cables and POF

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Ultra-High-Speed Transceivers and Equalizers

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