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Research and Development Services

Allics provides a broad spectrum of expertise in many technology areas:

Sensors Technology

A sensor is a device that converts a physical phenomenon into an electrical signal. As such, sensors represent part of the interface between the physical world and the world of electrical devices, such as computers. The other part of this interface is represented by actuators, which convert electrical signals into physical phenomena. Why do we care so much about this interface? In recent years, enormous capability for information processing has been developed within the electronics industry. The most significant example of this capability is the personal computer. In addition, the availability of inexpensive microprocessors is having a tremendous impact on the design of embedded computing products ranging from automobiles to microwave ovens to toys.

To a world of sensing technology solutions designed to open up unlimited potential for lower-cost, quicker-to-market innovation for your consumer, automotive, medical or industrial product applications. Allics unique and proprietary approach integrates leading edge sensor technology with mixed signal processing circuitry onto a reliable, high quality, single chip using a standard CMOS IC process. Allics integrated sensor solutions offer the highest quality and reliability in the industry at a price that makes sense for your cost-sensitive applications.

Green Technology - Ultra low power

Advances in electronic have prompted the boost in functions and ever-smaller size of such popular consumer products as mobile phone, digital cameras, MP3 players and HDTV etc. So as to chips have evolved to operate at steadily lower supply voltages and increasing power densities, leading to drastic reductions in the required impedance of the supply distribution network - making the design of this network increasingly difficult. Furthermore, with the move to parallelism and heterogeneity as the only energy-efficient means to improve computing performance, there is a clear need to support multiple, independent supply voltages on the die.

But the same cannot be said of the older analog and digital circuits in the same devices, which process natural sights and sounds in the real world. Because analog and digital circuits haven’t enjoyed a similar rate of progress, they are draining power and causing other bottlenecks in improved consumer electronic devices. Thus, There is a lot of room for innovation in the design for chips. At Allics, offers the intriguing possibility of eliminating power by proposing an architecture and the leading edge circuits Green Technology that relies on circuit blocks that are much more readily implemented on supply voltages of 1 volt or less. we aim to maximize the overall efficiency and robustness of power delivery to high-performance, energy-efficient chips.

Mobile Media Technology(5G) and IOT

5G Wireless Video Communications is a broad title with a wide scope, bridging video signal processing, video communications, and 5G wireless networks. Currently, 5G wireless communication systems are still in their planning phase. The new infrastructure is expected to provide much higher data rates, lower cost per transmitted bit, more flexible mobile terminals, and seamless connections to different networks. Along with the rapid development of video coding and communications techniques, more and more advanced interactive multimedia applications are emerging as 5G network “killer apps”.

I/O Accelerators Technology - Ultra-fast Serdes(4Tbps) and Optical I/O (Silicon Photonic)

Wireline networking, wireless infrastructure, mobile entertainment, PCs and servers have an increasing need for accelerated I/O throughput for optimal performance—especially in high-performance and mission critical server environments. I/O technology and accelerators from Allics allow these systems to transfer data faster, reduce communication bottlenecks, and improve overall system performance. Get high-bandwidth and low-latency accelerated performance for demanding applications.

Our standards-based IP product line consists of Universal Serial Bus (USB), PCI-Express, SATA, HDMI and IEEE-1394a PHY macros. Already available in several foundries and quickly ported to new process nodes. Our technology optimizes testability, power and area, making our products ideal for high performance communications, PC, mass storage, optical and server applications.

Allics offer technologies, products and IC design services that meet the most demanding needs and have the strength and resource to generate streams of promising new innovations.

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