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Professional IC&PIC Design Services

Allics® offers both advanced optical I/O and Terabit technology breakthrough SerDes for datacom network, backplane, board, interposer and chip-level for Short Reach & Long Haul interconnects. The world's fastest, State of the Art and most scalable SerDes, from 56, 112, upto 400Gbps, 20Tbps performance barrier at a single-line in CMOS (65nm to 7nm). This Terahertz bit (Tbps) technology, offers a faster alternative, is a high-bandwidth, energy-efficient, best equalization of interconnect that enables Terahertz interconnect between the CPU, GPU, and Memories. Allics® also provides Silicon-based Photonic Integration Circuit (PIC) Platform enable full SoC (System-On-Chip) integration of optical interconnect with the CMOS logic for applications that are critical to network switch, storage, computing, networks for Data Center Dynamics, 5G/6G, video, cloud, and AI applications with significantly higher performance at lower power & cost. To schedule a private meeting with us. Please :

Allics® also provides a variety of solutions and silicon proven Intellectual Properties (IPs) for the most widely applications. Please Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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