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Allics® offers both advanced optical I/O and Terabit technology breakthrough SerDes for datacom network, backplane, board, interposer and chip-level for Short Reach & Long Haul interconnects. The world's fastest and most scalable SerDes, from 400Gbps upto 20Tbps performance barrier at a single-line in CMOS. This Terahertz bit(Tbps)technology, offers a faster alternative, is a high-bandwidth, energy-efficient, best equalization of interconnect that enables Terahertz interconnect between the CPU, GPU, and Memories. Allics® also provides Silicon-based Photonic Integration Circuit (PIC) Platform enable full SoC (System-On-Chip) integration of optical interconnect with the CMOS logic for applications that are critical to network switch, storage, computing, networks for Data Center Dynamics, 5G, video, cloud, and AI applications with significantly higher performance at lower power & cost. To schedule a private meeting with us. Please :

Allics® also provides a variety of solutions and silicon proven Intellectual Properties (IPs) for the most widely applications. Please Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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