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Expertise in IC & PIC Design Services

Allics® offers the state-of-the-art of high performance Analog, Digital, Mixed-signal, RFIC, Terahertz circuits, Magnetic spin-base memories, Silicon photonics integration of the leading edge IC & Photonics co-design, ASIC/SOC and layout design services plus a broad portfolio of market-oriented and silicon-proven intellectual property (IPs). Allics' unique terahertz technology of groundbreaking innovation for interconnects, ultra high speed clock trees such as the world's fastest, State of the Art and most scalable SerDes, from 112, upto 400Gbps, 20Tbps performance barrier at a single-line throughput in CMOS (65nm to 5nm). This Terahertz bit (Tbps) technology, that enables the terahertz frequency of CPU, GPU on chip and enhance high bandwidth in wireline, wireless communication. AllicsĀ® also provides team of professionals expertise & Emerging Memories (RRAM, SOT-MRAM etcs) in compute-memory integration on chip for Data Center Dynamics, 6G, imaging, cloud, and AI applications within best power-performance-area-cost. Please contact us at

Allics® also provides a variety of solutions and silicon proven Intellectual Properties (IPs) for the most widely applications. Please Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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